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We will be streaming from 13:00PM/1PM GMT so be sure to come along and watch the game leave Early Access!

The game will be 50% off for 48 hours after launch and 25% off for 2 weeks thereafter.

It's been 14 months since we began Millions of Minions. At first, we were unaware it'd be released to Steam a year later.

Many things have happened since, from attempting Xbox (which sadly failed, more on this shortly) and winning a BAFTA award. Both of which, were very valuable lessons to us. I don't think any of us (more specifically me and Enoch) imagined we'd have our own business with a published game. It truly is astonishing and there is nothing that can compare to this feeling.

As I'm writing this, we're about 19 hours away from releasing the game out of Early Access. Before I get sentimental, and talk about all the cool things we've experienced. Let's whip out the patch notes!


> FIXED - Special abilities not being serialised AT ALL

> FIXED - Quiet Prison music

> FIXED (mostly) - Amulet unlock screen not showing controller inputs

> FIXED - Series of bugs caused by spamming buttons

> FIXED - Player is unable to enter a seed

> FIXED - Pick-up is in the centre of the shopkeeper's room

> FIXED - Menu music wouldn't start initially

> FIXED - Overlapping music when in a boss fight

> FIXED - Minimap walls not rendering correctly

> FIXED - Player is unable to progress after entering a portal

> FIXED - Weird controller behaviour where the aiming is not be accurate to where the player is

> FIXED - Controller is sometimes not recognised

> FIXED - Unskippable Prologue

> FIXED - General boss cutscene issues



Our #1 goal since beginning this venture was to include 3 areas within the game. We've now got a brand new area implemented into the game. This area is called the Mines. It includes the final boss fight of the game as well as the final cutscene. This is a huge step for us and indicates that the game is DONE!

Brand NEW Minimap System

This new system removes the weird door rendering glitches and further expands upon the important aspects of the game. For example, it showcases the enemy, player, minion and projectile locations. Previously, the player position was the only thing that was shown. With this, the minimap is made to look a lot more LIVELY!

RANDOM Enemy/Decor Spawning and Enemy Hit Feedback

We've taken the previous implementation and elaborated upon it. Essentially, both enemy and decoration spawns are completely random within each room. Prior to this, we also had very little impact when you killed an enemy. We've taken this into account and made killing an enemy slightly more rewarding.

Magnetic Coins

Upon finishing a room, the coins shall navigate their way to your never-ending pockets. Stay in the room to keep the magnetism!


For the remainder of the lead-up to Christmas, you will be able to play through the game with snow on the ground and Christmas hats on the entities!


None of this would have been possible without you all by our side. Some of you have been here longer than others, and some of you have even showcased our game to your amazing audiences. We are beyond thankful for all of your support! We're really looking forward to expanding our library of games and taking an even deeper dive into the world of game dev. It has already been such a fantastic journey!


As I'm writing this, we have taken the executive decision to cancel the endeavour into Xbox development. Whilst it's something we would have loved to accomplish, it is sadly not in our skillset to do so at this time. On top of that, the game simply hasn't seen enough success to warrant a port being worthy of our commitment. This isn't all bad though, it just means we can focus fully on our next project and be fully complete with this game!

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