1.0.54 Patch Notes


First off, thank you so much for an awesome launch! It really is awesome being able to say we've finished a game!

Anyways, we've received multiple reports of bugs over these past days, and we've been working our butts off to fix them!


Millions of Minions seems to have a resurgence of speedrunners trying to beat the game in as quick a time as possible. A common problem that was posed was being unable to reset progress without going all the way BEFORE the prologue (meaning you had to redo the tutorial). There are now more options when it comes to resetting progress. Simply press the Reset Progress button as you would before, and you will see the options!

We're hoping to expand our support for speedrunners as we progress. Please let us know what you think would help to make it a better experience for you all! You are welcome to join our Discord here.


You may be wondering what we're hoping to do with the game now that it is complete. We're still discussing what we can do to extend the support of the project. At the moment, it's not too clear but there may be some plans to share with you shortly so stay tuned!


  • FIXED - An exploit where you can skip from area 1 (Tomb), dungeon 1 to area 3 (Mines), dungeon 4.

  • FIXED - Starting dungeon from an enemy infested room/any other room.

  • FIXED - Being unable to defeat 'Mega Klucken'.

  • FIXED - Unable to get unlock the dash ability if you enter the portal too fast.

  • FIXED - Incorrect random generation for Shopkeeper and Boss Rooms in some instances.

  • FIXED - Unable to defeat the Final Boss majority of the time.

  • FIXED - Final Boss spazzing out if you go behind him on the Chase scene.

  • FIXED - Final Boss Enemies spawning incorrectly.

  • FIXED - Unable to restart on Final Boss.

  • FIXED - Being able to use Arcade save data with Story Mode.

  • FIXED - Being able to move whilst loading screen was still active.

  • POSSIBLY FIXED - Doors being able to open before all enemies are killed.

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